10 things to do before completing 30

Are you scared of the possibility of completing 30 years? Maybe it could be difficult for you to assume that you are getting older, but you have to know that the third stage of your life also has good things. You can do more things that you are doing now, but you only have to think a little bit of the consequences.

Even so, being realistic, knowing that the period of doing naughty and funny things are getting over, trying new challenges every day, making mistakes, failure, fall in love more than one times… Nevertheless, we don’t care if you are about to complete 30 or if you still have some years ahead to complete it. We love to have fun and enjoy life. So that’s why we’ve created a list of some things we are sure that you will enjoy doing and make sure they are done before you get old.

1. Take a summer trip touring Europe

chicas de viaje

Much better if it’s with friends. It doesn’t matter who you sleep with, who you stroll with or the person that eats with you. The only thing that you have to worry about is to know, feel and live the adventure.

2. Go to a festival and give it all

Darlo todo en un concierto

It doesn’t matter which. Lollapalooza, Coachella, Tomorrowland… or the one you prefer. But you have to give yourself the chance to assist one and live it as if it was the last one.

3. Get a tattoo

Chicas tatuadas

It doesn’t matter the part of your body it is, neither the form, neither the size of the drawing.Do one that has an importance for you and show it to the world.

4. Jump from a Parachute

Caída libre

Don’t you think is the coolest thing in the world? ¡Pure Adrenaline!

5. Make a big party at home

Fiesta en casa

It will be better if the home is not for your parents. The ideal is to organize the party in the house of a friend’s parents, without their permission. Let him receive the greatest punishment of his life.

6. Fall in love with a fool


Do not miss the opportunity to fall totally in love with someone.  To do nonsense, to get crazily in love and give yourself totally without expecting anything.

7. Make a ridiculous disguise


Anyone you want, but you most feel especially absurd with it. Then go to a disguise party and you are the king.

8. Go do shopping without looking at the budget

Ir de compras

Give yourself the pleasure of spending everything you want in things you don’t really need.

9.Escape from home

Escapar de casa

The best occasion? Is to go to the party you are not allowed to go by your parents. ¡Jump from the window and run!

10. Celebrate good news

Bailar por casa

How? The simplest way. Dancing without shoes at home, like Carrie.


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