After the glasses of… Superman

After the most wanted film Batman vs. Superman, half of the world is answering the eternal question: Are more of Bruce Wayne or Clart Kent?

We are more of the super hero of the Krypton planet. And why? Well it’ very simple because for some years he has conquered us with his glasses.

Nowadays, lenses are sign of elegancy, distinction and style. And they are also presents in our looks; However Superman has worn them since he started, more than 70years, with the unique objective if hiding his alternative identity before the world.

Today we are good to remember the different model that the different actors have used that has given life to this justice defender and holder of extraordinary powers.

The rounded glasses of Superman

The first Superman of the cinema was Kirk Alyb , (1948-1950), that give life to Clark Kent with a rounded glasses with a clear tone.

Kirk Alyn fue el primer Superman

A Little bit later comes George Reeves, who starred la successful television series ‘’The Superman Adventure’’ between 1951 and 1957. Until day, this superhero is the best Superman, he was the last one the worn the rounded little sunglasses. There were like Pantos style, finishing the rounded form in peak at the height of the rod.

El actor George Reeves es Clark Kent

The next Superman that also conquered us was Christopher Reeve, which interpreted the superhero between 1978 and 1987. During those years Superman was more energized, athletic and authorized than ever, an attitude that was contrasted with the character of Clark Kent, very clumsy and shy. The changes in the registry in Reeve actuations were extraordinary, and the actor gained the critics favor.  The Superman of Christopher Reeve wore big glasses in hawksbill color, a frame that can be placed as vintage.

Christopher Reeve es Clark Kent

The most intellectual Clark Kent

In 2001 till 2011, the series ‘’Smallville’’ was emitted, about the adventure of the young Clark Kent in the fictional village of Smallville, in Kansas, during the previous years of his transformation in Superman. The actor Tom Welling gave bath a young boy in his time at college, and he was the first Superman that didn’t wear the rounded glasses. In Smallville, Welling showed us more modernized and elegant image, thanks the black rectangular glasses.

Clark Kent en Smallville

In 2006 Superman returned to the big screen with the actor Brandon Routh in ‘’Superman returns’’. In this new era Clark Kent maintains a young image with similar glasses as his TV predecessor, Tom Welling. The lenses are fine rod and extended with a fine design and distinguished.

Brandon Routh es Clark Kent

Finally, Henry Cavill, who was the Superman in 2013 in ‘’The Iron Man’’ and who also repeat in ‘’Batman vs. Superman.  The dawn of Justice’’. Wore a dark frame with wide rod that gave it a modern and intellectual touch.

Henry Cavill es Clark Kent

As a curiosity, the actor verified that the glasses are enough to hide the secret identity of Clark Kent. Cavill was able to pass through the streets of New York without being recognized, mixing among crowd with the famous glasses that differentiated him from Clark Kent in Superman. To raise the bets, he used the famous insignia of Superman in the chest.


Dear Doubter, The glasses are good enough. Regards, Superman #WhoWillWin #Superman

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Despite of this and that the street advertising billboard was filled with posters of his face, nobody was able to recognize him

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