Glasses to get lost at Menorca

The Miro Jeans Eyewear renders a tribute to summer and freedom in his new sun collection. A proposal compost of 10 models and 31 variants where color and contrasts are predominated. Ten glasses that have the names of some of the beaches more paradisiac of the world, which is a nod to the audacity, the adventure and the williness to live life by the youths of Miro Jeans.


Because it’s not the same going vacation to Brazil than India, in our blog, we’re going to propose the glasses to choose for each trip. Our first weekly proposal is not that far from here, in the Islas Baleares. The Binigaus model is inspired by one of the beach which is considered to be one of the best in Menorca, preferred by the autochthonous and transited during the months of summer for visitor attracted by the transparent water and natural atmosphere.

The tres models are bicolor, and are made of with oversize rounded front and fine rods. The frames are still able to call some attention thanks to its vigorous tone and the character that invites us to live one of the best summers of our life.  The Binigaus model awakens us the urge to go through the Isla Balear climbing on top an old convertible, with a handkerchief on the head and enjoy the sol and the sunset of the beach. There is nothing more to see the three proposal of the brand to show us the rush of adrenaline and the desire to lose ourselves in the wonderful island and not to go to the day to day and usual routine.

The glasses invite us to enjoy the clean water of Menorca during the day and get lost in the streets of the village during the magical hour of sunset, when the charm of the Island is irresistible.  Are you really sure, you are urged to go get a plane and go to the Island?

The Binigaus C1 model, with rods and the intensive blue lenses to match with the Mediterranean Sea, It’s an assured bet for the last days of the Island, when your bronzed are spectacular and are will be converted to an authentic ‘’fashion victim’’.

Miro Jeans Binigaus C1


The second proposal, the Binigaus C2, provides us calmness and serenity and it’s perfect for enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets in beach of Isla Balear. With the transparent front and the rods y the soft lavender crystals, are the ideal complements to your evening look. Also very adequate for visiting one of the emblematic places of Menorca to see the sunset, la Cova d’En Xoroi, where you will discover the meaning of ‘’wonderful’’.

Binigaus C2

The last model es; Binigaus C3, is the most daring of all and most indicated for your beach days and the you visit street market and small commercial shops.  The glasses combine with orange color in the rods with a violet front and the crystals in golden tones, a mix that makes it a unique design.

Miro Jeans Binigaus C3

And you? Are you ready to wear one? Sure you’re not going to repent. Only on sales at Natural Optics.


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