Polarized or non-polarized glassed

Now that good weather is coming, some people are taking about the sunglasses, the style, if they are rounded, aviator style, metallic, the colors, the mirror, with the crystals to match with the rods… But many people are asking us for the difference between polarized glasses and polarized glasses. Are they best? Are the different?   So pay attention all of you, we are going to confess it all.

What special about polarized glasses?

The polarized lenses contains a special filter that blocks reflected light and only let the entrance of useful light, permitting the best vision without reflections.

Gafas Miró Jeans by Natural Optics

-Offer a total protection against the UV rays

Eliminate reflections and flashes of sunlight en brighten surfaces.

-Provide a major contrast and sharpness to the vision

Reduce eye fatigue

-The colors have more natural aspect

-Specially adequate for people they are sensible to the light

-The can be graduated, including making them progressive

-They are recommendable for driving and practicing open air activity, how to navigate or ski. In the case of driving, glasses are some elements of security, as the sit belt o the airbag. Nevertheless they have preventive effect, since seeing better while driving is translated into more capacity of concentration, less tiredness, less time of reaction before unforeseen.

Miró Jeans sol 2016 gafas polarizadas by Natural Optics

How to differentiate the polarized lenses from the non-polarized 

Habitually, the polarized sun lenses they carry symbol (P) or polarized on the rods. In teg case of Miro Jeans, count on an adhesive that certificates that the lenses are polarized. To be concrete,  the new collection of sunglasses are polarized Revo of 1,3mm of thickness that obtain a major visual and comfortable quality.

Upon all, if you want to test if the lenses are really polarized, you can put it close to a screen like the one a mobile or a computer and when turning the lens, you will observe that the screen are clear and becomes darken, make a specie of rainbow, depending on the angle of the turning. If this happens…   ¡prize! The lens is polarized.

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