The most fashionable grandmas of Instagram

Some time we think that when we’re getting older, there are some cert things we can’t do. Nevertheless, in occasion is demonstrated that age is not just more than a just a number, and being young is simply about attitude.

In Miro Jeans we are followers of this life style, this form of understanding the world. We like authenticity and the urge to live life, and we‘re fans of those people with their own character and personality. Because the more important to have a young spirit than to be young.

And being cool have got nothing to do with the age, we’re going to propose to you 5 instagram accounts that you can’t lost. Grandmas that have change the walking stick for mobile and dark clothes for sunglasses and designers clothes. Women that maintains their young spirit, that risk and that shows us their daily trends in each of their publications, the liberty and that fashion haven’t nothing to do with the age.

Iris Apfel, absolutely fabulous.

Considered to be the coolest old woman, this New Yorker legend lives for fashion, her curt hair is the sign of her identity, her big rounded glasses and her eccentric clothes.

Iris apfelIris apfelIris apfel

Linda Rodin, the great muse

Her peculiar white hair betrays this stylist where ever she goes. With a peculiar fresh and modern style, Rodin uses sunglasses and clothes that fit her. Her intention is not to see herself younger, if not choose complements and looks that are good on her.

Linda Rodin Linda Rodin

Jenny Kee, energy and vitality

With more than 40 years of degree, the Australians’ fashion designer Jenny Kee is more recognized for her vibrates prints designs inspired in flora and fauna.  Her looks, which are predominated by her glasses with big and extravagated frames, will feed you with energy and vitality.

Jenny KeeJenny Kee

Daphne Selfe, the most longevity model

In her 70’s Selfe started her modeling career. Now getting to the 90, she wears in each of her outfits a large and white mane and presumes of her perfect face and an enviable attitude.  Selfe doesn’t usually wear glasses, but in some occasion she complements her styles with big and elegant lenses of color.

daphne selfedaphne selfe

Dee Goldberg passion for the eclectic

Denise Jaffe has passion for eclectic fashion, for flashy colors and exaggerated looks. Recognized as Dee Goldberg, at her 60’s, she shares her peculiar style and her enviable happiness, always with an extravagated sunglasses through the social networks.

denise jaffedenise jaffe

What do you think? Will you dare to show your own style?


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