You don’t know where to travel to this summer?

If you haven’t prepared your holidays on time and you are like those that do an escape at the last hour, we are going to give you some tips so you can plan very thing with easily.

They are different types of travellers and among the young ones is to be a backpacker is a self-assurance to live unique experience.

Is very important to know that a trip doesn’t start in the first day of your vacation, if not in the moment you planted the trip. That’s when you start to make questions like; where to go, what to put your luggage, how much money you’re to spend.

First of all, there are some practical aspects that can be resolved before starting the adventure.

The destination

Obviously there are people in the beach and other in the mountain, but much times the final decisions depends on the budget we have. The best way to decide where we are going to go is looking at the pages that offer trip reservation last minute. Normally some travelling agencies online (OTAs) publish offers during some period of time, which we don’t have to lose it. For example, Vueling airline publish during 7 days flights less than 20€. Is essential to be alert and make use of the promotion.

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The most common is to use the plane, especially for long distances. There are different websites where you can compare the prices of the airlines and do not charge any kind of commission. For example, Momondo, Expedia or Skyscanner are some of the most common. Apart from the plane, it is also fun to do a road trip. You can take your own car or you can share it with several people through Blablacar or Amovens. It is an economical and funny way to discover new places.

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The visa

Visahq website has all the information you need for you to know the required documentation depending on the country in which you are travelling to. It is important to prepare it in advance, especially for countries like the United States or Vietnam. In addition to the visa, we also recommend that you carry a photocopy of the passport with you and another copy in your email. You never know when you will need it and if you have never lost your original passport you are much less likely to have problems.

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You have to be careful before traveling to unknown places. Each country is a world and bacteria’s can vary widely in just a few km. If you are traveling to Asia, and visiting rural areas, find out which vaccinations you should wear before you go. Be careful also if you travel to some the South of America countries, like Brazil, the mosquito Zika was very common in 2016.

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One of the key aspects when traveling is to know where to sleep. It is true that nowadays, there are many options: hotels, hostels, friends’ houses, etc. Even so, we want to make sure we’re comfortable, but without spending too much. That’s why we give you some of our favorite pages so you can plan where you will sleep. In Hostelworld and Hostelbookers you will find a great variety of good quality hostels, along with reviews and comments from previous guests. This is a good option if you want to go your own way and make your own plans, if you prefer to keep in touch with local you can always choose to use the platforms Airbnb or VRBO, where a room or an entire house can be rented. To know locals there is also another alternative called Couchsurfing, where you can freely stay in the house of the locals and make plans with them. It is an enriching exchange of cultures and knowledge.

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The luggage

Take few pertinence, nothing worse than carrying the weight unnecessary things. Think that you can always go to a store to buy what you need at the last moment. Prepare a small emergency kit, carry a padlock to close the bag and digitize as much information as possible to avoid loading paper and books. After this, you just have to wait until the day arrives and start the adventure!


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